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Free Fast Shipping to Canada   

Except Pre-order Products

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Don’t let production woes slow you down – At Proaim, we have production, grip, audio carts, plus additional cart accessories to help you keep organized and on top of your workflow. Our carts offer a wide range of features, sizes, and prices to suit any budget and production needs. So get the right cart for your project today.

Proaim Vanguard Collapsible Cart

Ease Your Daily Burden of Lugging C-Stands

A Collapsible Cart that Holds Your C-Stands in One Place!

Proaim Orion Mini Geard Head

Bring a New Level of Motion Control to The Field of Cinema Gear!

Geared Head That Only Aims for Precise Fluid Pans & Tilts.

Proaim Cinebird Rickshaw

Want Smooth Dolly Moves without Tracks?

Take Our Cinebird Rickshaw for a Spin.

Proaim Airwave V5 Arm

Curate the Perfect Action/Chase Sequence!

A Shock-Absorbing Arm with Enhanced Stabilization, Dampening & Stability.

Proaim Fly-master 13ft Jib Crane

Add Value to Your Productions!

The Best Travel Jib That Captures Cutting-Edge Enthralling Shots

Proaim Flexino Bazooka Set

Set Your Camera to The Desired Height

With Ample Support & Elevation to Your Heavy-Duty Setup!

Proaim Explorer Pan Tilt Head

Explorer Pan Tilt Head

Explorer Pro Pan Tilt Head

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