About Us

We at Proaim works regularly on providing film and video makers with the best solutions for their movie production need since 2003 at the prices they like. We grew from a small photography shop in India to a major worldwide supplier of photo, video and audio equipment with customers returning again and again for our low pricing and high reliability.

Since 2003, Proaim has been providing camera support equipment to Broadcasters, Video Producers, Film and Moviemakers all over the world and we have grown from a small camera shop to become a major international supplier of production equipment.

Proaim has over 300 product combos and hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. We thoroughly help our customers before and after sales that have become their convenience point with us and has turned out to be a very happy customer and referral base. We welcome you to contact us via email.

The revolutionary launch of Flycam series in 2003, stabilization systems in 2005, Pan and tilt heads in 2006, Ribbed jibs in 2007, shoulder mount systems in 2008 - 2009, Octagonal cranes in 2010, Dollies and Sliders in 2011, Filmcity series in 2012, Camtree Hunt Series in 2013, Telescopic Cranes in 2014 and Flycam flowline in 2015 are passionately adapted by filmmakers across the globe and will continue for years to come.

Thanks to all our customers who have trusted us and have become the secret of our success.