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Proaim Seat arm Vertical 10cm/4”

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SKU : SA-287-00

Seat Arm Riser Extensions

More Advanced. Higher Precision. Adaptable. Affordable Price.

Give Camera Operators and/or Assistants Flexibility in Positioning Themselves on Dolly.

Add Seat Accessories to Your Arsenal For More Seating Options!

The Vertical Seat Arm mounts into seat post socket in Dolly Turnstile platform and accommodates all industry standard seats. CNC Machined from solid piece of high grade aluminium, it ensures high security and robustness. The Z-shaped Vertical Arm swivels giving camera operators and/or assistants’ flexibility in positioning themselves on the dolly, and locks into position to prevent unwanted swiveling when the dolly is in motion.


The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


- Construction: Aluminum
- Size: 10cm/4"
- Pin Mount Diameter: 25mm

- Seat arm Vertical 10cm/4”
- Connecting Pin


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