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Proaim Wheels Set for Proaim Alpha Stand & 1x1" Square Leg Light Stands

For Camera Gears Support Stands.

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Give Your Stand a Perfectly Smooth Ride!


Go Smooth & Effortless

Roll your stands smoothly around a set or location with Proaim Wheel Set, which combines perfectly with Proaim Alpha Support Stand and any 1x1" Square Legs Stands.
It is a set of three pneumatic wheels that revolve 360°, offering great mobility.
Each wheel is secured to the standing leg with a locking lever and has a specially designed footbrake that keeps the stand completely steady, stable, and secure for reliable parking.
These brakes ensure that they don't become loose over time even when the tires experience some wear and tear and the thickness decreases.

Note: Each caster assembly includes a 3/8 Grub screw. When tightened into the top of the caster, it locks the caster in a "fixed," non-swiveling position. Locking two of the casters in a fixed position provides the best steering ability for the stand when the wheels are attached. Loosen the 3/8 grub screw, and any caster will swivel freely.

Proaim Wheels Set for Proaim Alpha Stand & 1x1



  Pneumatic Wheels

Pressure Range

  30 PSI




  113.3kg /250lb



Wheel Dimensions

  Diameter: 8.6"
  Thickness: 2.8"


  Proaim Alpha Support Stand
  Stands with 1x1" Square legs


Proaim Wheels Set for Proaim Alpha Stand

Product Weight(Without Packing)

  3kg / 6.61lb(each)

Product Weight(With Packing)

  7. 50kg / 16.5lb

In the Box

Proaim Alpha wheels with brakes

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  • I am going to purchase alpha stand wheels. I am using the American Standard Grip Steadicam Stand. I confirmed that the stand\'s leg size is 1 inch. Can you change the screw that holds the stand when you attach it to a screw with a handle?

    This Proaim Wheels Set is compatible with the Proaim Alpha stand only.