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Free Standard Shipping within North America
Free Standard Shipping within North America

Think Outside The Box!

The Handiest Tools to have on Location or in Studio!

Use them for Propping, Leveling, Standing or Sitting.

Multiple Options with 4 different sizes - Get any height from 1-27” by placing in different positions.

Precisely made, Supported in Center, Dimensionally correct, Multi-Purpose / Weather-proof.

A Necessary Addition to Any Shoot!

The Proaim Set of 4 Apple Boxes gives you a full range of boxes in one, convenient set. It includes Full (20 x 12 x 8”), Half (20 x 12 x 4”), Quarter (20 x 12 x 2”) and Pancake-sized (20 x 12 x 1”) apple boxes, all made of strong 9-ply Baltic birch wood. Use these apple boxes to boost up the height of your talent or, support or stabilize camera equipment. They are handy to sit on during breaks or when waiting between takes. You can raise an interviewer to eye level with a subject, level dolly track, make an impromptu desk, and so on. You can also nail wall plates to them to hold low angle lighting fixtures. These apple boxes are smooth and won't splinter or crack under pressure. Proaim Apple Boxes can be stacked in various combinations to achieve the desired height.



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 Specifications  Full Apple Box  Half Apple Box  Quarter Apple Box  Pancake Apple Box
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  50x30x20cm  50x30x10cm  50x30x05cm  50x30x2.5cm
 Weight  4.8kg/10.58lbs  2.8kg/6.17lbs  2.34kg/5.16lbs  1.87kg/4.12lbs
 Construction (AB-SET-WH)  Cedar Wood  Cedar Wood  Cedar Wood  Cedar Wood

- Full Apple Box
- Half Apple Box
- Quarter Apple Box
- Pancake Apple Box