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Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Telescopic Camera Jib Crane

For 3-Axis Camera Gimbals - DJI Ronin, Movi etc.

Original price CAD 4,410.00 - Original price CAD 4,410.00
Original price
CAD 4,410.00
CAD 4,410.00 - CAD 4,410.00
Current price CAD 4,410.00

Next Step in the Evolution of Camera Jib!

Quickly Moves In/Out of a Shot. Manoeuvres into Inaccessible Areas – Smoothly & Silently.


Thoughtful Engineering

Proaim Powermatic Scissor telescopic camera crane lets you easily capture creative shots usually done with high-end and expensive Technocranes.

Extending the scissor arm puts the camera right where you need it. The flexible motion allows the arm to open 17’ out and then retract back in.

High-grade Aluminum Crane Frame is lightweight & durable enough to hold 3-Axis Camera Gimbals with a maximum payload of 15kg / 33lb.

The high-speed special 70 steel bearings ensure outstanding durability & strength while providing smooth soundless movement every time you extend or retract.

It is perfect for tight indoor spaces as well as on-location shoots. It even fits into a private vehicle.

Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Telescopic Camera Jib Crane
Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Telescopic Camera Jib Crane


Effortless Operation

The Powermatic Scissor allows you to achieve fluid movements of extreme precision without any difficulty.

Steady Fluid Head ensures perfect alignment of your 3-Axis Gimbal on Scissor Crane.

Tilt Lock allows you to fix the jib’s tilt angle to get linear tracking shots.

Pan Lock enables locking the jib’s pan movement for achieving high/low angle shots.

LCD Mounting Arm helps in attaching an LCD monitor for better viewing of shots; the arm can be mounted left/right as per your requirement.


Precisely Controlled Movements

High-Performance 12V DC motor ensures silent operation and drives the jib smoothly.

The Precise Controller very conveniently push-out / pull-in the jib length and control the movements.

The system is integrated with a V-Mount Battery Plate, which adapts a 14.8V V-Mount battery to power the drive system.

Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Telescopic Camera Jib Crane
Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Telescopic Camera Jib Crane


Simplified Transport

The Complete Crane System fits in a Flight Case for easy storage. This storage case is easy to carry with you to different sets and locations.

See how the Scissor Crane Works

Scissor Crane Specifications


  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Total No. of High-Speed Steel Bearings


Total Length Extended

  17ft / 5.2m

Total Length Closed


Extended Height from Ground

  17.4ft / 5.3m

Closed Height from Ground


Load Capacity

  15kg / 33lb

Crane Pan Lock


Crane Tilt Lock


Self-balance Weight (Extended/Collapsed)

  24kg / 53lb

Power Source

  V-Mount Battery (Not Included)

Battery Runtime

  1 ½ - 2 hours

Weight of Scissor Jib

  33kg / 73lb

Motor Specifications

IP44 Protection


Rated Voltage 

  12V -15V DC

Rated Power 


Nominal Current  

  10A DC

Maximum Thrust Force


Maximum Pulling Force


Travelling Speed  





  Not Noticeable

Jib Packing Info

Product Weight with Flight Case

  71kg / 157lb

Flight Case Dimensions (L x W x H)

  85cm x 40cm x 80cm

In the Box

  17ft Powermatic Scissor Jib
  Jib Controller & Monitor Bracket
  Ronin Controller Bracket
  Female to Female Connector
  2 x Weight Ends
  15V AC Adapter
  Weight Rod & Cable Guide Rods
  HDMI Male to Male Wire & BNC Wire
  Flight Case

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  • Can I mount Ipad with Scissor Jib with the help of provided Monitor Bracket?

    Yes, Ipad can be mounted on Scissor Jib.Either with the help of Proaim SnapRig 13inch Articulating Magic Arm or with Proaim Universal iPad/Tablet Mounting Bracket.

    Link :-
    Link :-

  • The specs have a travel speed of 36mm/sec . Is that the speed of the extension/retraction at full speed ?

    The travel speed of 36mm/sec is individual speed specifications of Actuator motor. After connecting with scissor mechanism maximum Extraction speed will be 11 second and Retraction speed will be 10 second (At full charge of battery)

  • Can I put the scissor jib on this Bazooka with the crank ?

    Proaim scissor jib will work with crank bazooka with the help of Proaim Camera Riser - Euro/Elemac Base to Mitchell Adapter w Quick Lock (MA-293-00) & Proaim Mitchell Base for Powermatic Scissor Jib (AP-MTCL-SCSR) accessories.

  • I purchase a scissor crane. Do you have an instructional video on how to put it together?

    Below is the video of how to assemble Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Telescopic Camera Jib Crane JB-SCSR-00:

  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.

  • Can I mount Proaim Scissor 17ft Jib Crane on GFM/bazooka Dolly ?

    Yes, you can mount Scissor Crane with GFM/bazooka Dolly with the help of Proaim Mitchell Base adapter (AP-MTCL-SCSR)

  • \"How can you mount a proaim pan tilt head on this crane?\"

    You can mount the Proaim Sr. Pan Tilt Head (PT-SR) on the  Proaim Powermatic Scissor 17ft Crane (JB-SCSR-00) with the help of the Proaim Mounting Plate (AP-PTP-SCSR). Here is the link for your reference:

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Gabe K.
United States United States

An amazing tool in the right hands

I’ve had the scissor jib for just over a year now and can truly say that I love it. It isn’t a perfect techno crane replacement, but for the cost, it is very close. Evening just using it as a “normal” jib that has the ability to quickly place the camera wherever you need is extremely valuable. And unlike a big techno crane, I have been able to bring this inside many houses, even getting some really cool shoots inside a bed room with 8ft (2.5m) ceilings. The motor control does take a little finesse. I actually flip the controller 180* and use my index finger to control the rocker, I find that gives me much more control than my thumb. If you just push down on the button there can be a fair amount of rocking that can occur due to inertia. So a gentle touch is required. I also usually give the head control to the DP - as operating the pickle (extension and contraction) + the up and down + side to side is already take a lot of coordination and brain power. Adding 3 more axis to that can really mess with your brain and cause you to ruin shots. It is well built but just due to the design, there is a little sway that can happen when it is fully extended. So this should be monitored in a dangerous or high wind situation. Also the motor is extremely powerful! It sheered a bolt off once when a weight got jammed in the wrong place, so it can most certain take a finger off. So please always use caution when extending or retracting. I put my Ronin 2 on it and have regularly used professional cameras such as: Arri Alexa mini (and LF), Red Gemini, Dragon, etc. with cinema lenses, follow focus, and wireless, and it has handled it wonderfully. I would definitely not push it past the recommended limit of 33lbs however. Feel free to message me on Instagram with any questions: @gabekimpson