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Proaim Mitchell Camera Height Riser

Available Sizes: 6”, 9”, 12”, 16”, 13-22”

Original price US $115.00 - Original price US $245.00
Original price
US $115.00
US $115.00 - US $245.00
Current price US $115.00
SKU : MR-291-00

Extend Your Camera to Different Heights on Mitchell Mount Products


Industry Standard Mitchell Camera Riser

The Proaim Mitchell Mount Camera Height Risers, also known as hi-hat elevates your camera setup above various Mitchell base platforms.
The Risers with standard Mitchell mount attach to all Proaim Dollies and Mitchell mount products.

Proaim Mitchell Camera Height Riser
Proaim Mitchell Camera Height Riser


Strong. Stable. Quick Setup.

The Mitchell Riser is available in 5 Standard Sizes – 6”, 9”, 12”, 16”, 13-22”.
Extremely durable, High-grade Aluminum & Stainless steel construction can hold heavy weight capacity with ease.
A Quick locking lever on top of the riser’s base provides you with additional leverage to tighten the riser even more.



  High-grade Aluminum
  Clamp’s: Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Load Capacity

  6" Riser: 200kg / 440lb
  9" Riser: 185kg / 408lb
  12" Riser: 178kg / 392lb
  16" Riser: 170kg / 375lb
  13"-22" Telescopic Riser: 150kg / 330lb

Mitchell Top Plate

  Diameter: 175mm


  Mitchell Mount

Locking Lever



Proaim Mitchell Camera Height Riser

Product Weight:

  6" Riser: 2.82kg / 6.21lb
  9" Riser: 2.86kg / 6.30lb
  12" Riser: 3.04kg / 6.70lb
  16" Riser: 3.26kg / 7.18lb
  13"-22" Telescopic Riser: 3.71kg / 8.17lb

In the Box

Proaim Mitchell Camera Height Riser

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  • May I know is it 100mm bowl ?

    The Proaim Mitchell Camera Height Riser has the Mitchell base. This can be used as a 100mm bowl with the help of Proaim Mitchell Base to Bowl Adapter BP-302-00.  Here is the link for reference :

  • Hi! I have a Euro/Elemac --> Bowl riser, and it needs to be twice as tall. Do you have 12" rods that can be swapped in for the current ones?

    We would like to inform you that, we have BA-267-00 with a height of 7 inches and BA-266-00 with a height of 8 inches. A 12 inches riser is currently not available and we do not have an ETA for it.

    Here are the links for your reference: