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Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals (10-25kg/22-55lb)

Ergonomic Body Support Vest

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Gear Up for Stability & Comfort During Extensive Handheld Camerawork!


Effortless Gimbal Operations

PROAIM Flowmax is an innovative handheld 3-Axis gimbal support system that increases stability in your shots and lets you hold the Gimbal / Camera setup steady for longer periods of time without fatigue.
This ergonomic body-worn support system provides superior comfort & reliability on the most demanding film sets.
The system consists of the Gimbal Rig Vest and a standard support arm that provides solidity and adjustability for cameras or gimbal rigs weighing 10-25kg / 22-55lb.

Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals (10-25kg/22-55lb)
Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals (10-25kg/22-55lb)


Comfortable & Stable

Designed to ensure solidity & adjustability for various cameras, we have incorporated the ergonomic double-padded vest & a standard support arm, facilitating fatigue-free shooting.
Additionally, we have uniquely utilized a system whereby a suspension line supports the weight of the gimbal rig, taking the load off your shoulder, neck, and arm muscles and distributing it across your torso.
Moreover, this lightweight body support system provides you with fantastic action shots & great angles, whether used in the hands-free function or mounting a gimbal on the rope while maintaining perfect stability.


Versatile Body Support Rig

Another great feature of the vest is its flexible Ratchet belt system on the sides that easily fit the operator’s different sizes ranging from a minimum of 30’’ to a maximum of 42’’.
Also, the included suspension rope lets you do flexible camera movements with a wide range of high and low-mode shots.
Moreover, we have also provided a support arm & adjustable Top Bar ensuring 360 degrees horizontal rotation & 210 degrees vertical rotation.

Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals (10-25kg/22-55lb)
Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals (10-25kg/22-55lb)


Adjustable Design

The height-adjustable support bar enables you to adjust the height as per your requirement.
Furthermore, it is thoughtfully designed with a Tension Adjustment Knob, providing easy adjustment of the tension of the spring so you can make the desirable adjustment depending upon your setup weight.
And the indicator displays the tension adjustment of the whole setup, whether heavy or light.



  High-Grade CNC Aluminum and Breathable Synthetic Fabric



Load Capacity

  10-25kg / 22-55lb

Waist Size

  30-42 Inch

Full Length of Flowmax

  52 Inch

Vest Length

  19 Inch

Suspension Line Length (Rope)

  3ft when fully stretched

Back Plate Length

  8 inch (3 inch Up/Down Adjustment)

Support Bar Length


Support Bar Rotation


Height Adjustment Range


Rod Diameter


Top Bar Length

  18 Inch

Top Bar Rotation


Hook Length

  2.5 Inch

Tension Spring

  Gas Spring


Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals (10-25kg/22-55lb)

Product Weight (Without Packing)

  11kg / 24lb

Product Volumetric Weight (With Packing)

Box 1      28.1kg / 61.9lb
Box 2      7.38kg / 16.2lb

In the Box

Proaim Flowmax Vest
Support Rod
Vest Bag Packing
Support Rod Bag Packing

User Manual


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  • Does the Flowmax Body Support work with the 2-Axis equalizer and placid ?

    Flowmax Body Support works with the 2-Axis equalizer only.