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Proaim Flowmax Body Support for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals, 10-25kg/22-55lb

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Relief System for Heavy Cameras & Gimbals!

So Easy on the Back - Feels Virtually Weightless and More Importantly Painless.

Increases Stability in Your Shots - Lets You Hold the Gimbal / Camera
Setup Steady for Longer Periods of Time without Fatigue.

Versatile & User-Friendly – Gets the Shot You Desire!

Superior Quality. Ergonomically Designed. Right Price.

Payload Capacity? The Limit is Really What You Have to Carry!

Stay Mobile with Flowmax - Anytime and Anywhere.

Proaim Flowmax is an innovated handheld 3-Axis gimbal support system that uses an industry-proven technology to help the operators to easily and effortlessly position their Movi or other gimbals however they want. This ergonomic body-worn support system provides superior comfort and reliability on the most demanding film sets. Professional camera support offers versatility with ease on the back and mobility of handheld filming alongside perfect balance, stability and complete strain relief. The system consists of the Gimbal Rig Vest, and a standard support arm that provide solidity and adjustability for a variety of camera packages.

With Strong and Resistant Suspension line, Flowmax supports heavy cameras or gimbal rigs weighing 10-25kg / 22-55lb, taking the load off your shoulder, neck & arm muscles thus providing increased lower back support that allows you to carry weights further away from your body preserving your energy for long days on set. Whether used in the hands-free function, or when mounting a gimbal on the rope, Flowmax provides amazing action shots and great angles while maintaining perfect stability.



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The Flowmax’s modular vest provides every comfort and benefit to handle all your performance needs. A blend of closed cell foams with aluminum hold up provides excellent lumbar support and helps eliminate back pain. The Length adjustment knob enables the operator to set the precise height for the support bar for better balance. Adjustable Ratchet belts are used to quickly fit with optimal comfort so you can operate your best. In addition, a tension adjustment knob at the bottom allows changing the amount of tension of spring depending on the weight of setup while retaining stability and control.

Proaim Flowmax offers the best fit and long term comfort for all camera operators in a lightweight and dependable package. Your body will thank you for letting Flowmax support you!


• Professional Body Mounted Gimbal Support System lets you perform variety of camera movements
• Ergonomic Double Padded Vest with aluminium construction, offers long hour comfortable shooting without worrying about fatigue
• Swiftly operated, Solid Built Ratchet Belts are designed to fit waist size ranging from a minimum of 30” to a maximum of 42” with optimal comfort and ease
• Powerful Suspension Line supports cameras with payload 10-25kg / 22-55lb
• Suspension Rope allows flexible camera movements with wide range of high and low mode shots
• Support Arm allows 360° horizontal rotation while adjustable Top Bar ensures 210° vertical rotation
• Height Adjustable Support Bar enables you to adjust the height according to your requirement
• Tension Adjustment Knob at bottom easily adjusts the amount of tension of spring depending upon the setup weight
• The Indicator displays the tension adjustment of the whole setup, be it heavy or light
• Keeps your setup safe and gives hands free operation; increases stability in your shots!


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Construction: Aluminum and Breathable Synthetic Fabric
Foam: Eva
Load Capacity: 10-25kg / 22-55lb
Waist Size: 30-42 inch
Full Length of Flowmax: 52 inch
Vest Length: 19 inch
Suspension Line Length (Rope): 3ft when fully stretched
Back Plate Length: 8 inch (3 inch Up/Down Adjustment)
Support Bar Length: 4.5ft
Support Bar Rotation: 360°
Height Adjustment range: 3ft
Rod diameter: 38mm
Top Bar Length: 18 inch
Top Bar Rotation: 210°
Hook Length: 2.5 inch
Tension Spring: Gas Spring
Product Weight (without packing): 10kg

- Proaim Flowmax Body Support

Q: Does the Flowmax Body Support work with the 2-Axis equalizer and placid ?
Ans: Flowmax Body Support works with the 2-Axis equalizer only.

  • Does the Flowmax Body Support work with the 2-Axis equalizer and placid ?

    Flowmax Body Support works with the 2-Axis equalizer only.