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Proaim Drive One Wireless Follow focus

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PROAIM presents its new Drive One wireless remote follows focus system. It assists the camera operators in adjusting the focus or focal distance (zoom) of the camera shooting remotely. The Wireless Follow Focus can be used along with matching camera control gear like DSLR rigs, sliders, Steadycam kits, cranes/ jibs / dolly, Easy Rigs etc. It allows the user to precisely operate the focus ring on a 35mm lens from up to 200 metres away. The system provides a choice of 7 bands on which to transmit the encoded data stream, and two user definable limits to calibrate motor movement or serve as focus stops. The transmitter requires only a single 9V battery and the receiver utilises a standard 4-pin XLR for 12v power input, allowing the user to connect a standard V-lock power, or use the provided AA battery pack.

motorized follow focus

Now Remotely control your lens's focus with our
Proaim Drive one Wireless Follow Focus.

TRANSMITTER (Weight: 530g)

Electronic follow focus


-  Constructed with rugged aluminium extrusion
-  Choice of 7 frequency bands using colour coded TX / RX system
-  New side pointers for operating the focus knob side on
-  2 user-select limits to prevent motor over turn or act as designated focus stop
-  Cine style focus wheel with fluid drag mechanism
-  Removable acrylic 3D marking ring.
-  Controls motor direction change for reversing operation
-  Powered via single 9V battery for around 10 hours operation
-  Conveniently attaches to operator via integrated belt clip or lanyard mount when not in use
-  Rugged aluminium enclosure with durable sealed membrane switch panel


In the ground, the remote control features transmission range up to 150m in outdoor open area, without any wall blocking. The device functions on a wireless radio frequency, without the interference of ordinary frequency range and is completely harmless to humans.

wireless follow focus

RECEIVER (Weight: 340g)

For Canon Sony Nikon Fujinon


-  Data light indicates strong connection signal with TX unit.
-  Frequency select light indicates a frequency match with TX unit by colour. The light will flash to indicate low battery power.
-  Powered via 7.2V Sony NP-F battery or 12V DC input via 3-pin XLR.
-  Standard 1/4-20 thread for camera or rod assembly mounting.
-  OB size Lemo cable connector for motor connection.
-  Rugged aluminium enclosure with durable sealed membrane switch pane.


motorized follow focus


Wireless Follow Focus is being used by videomakers worldwide.

Connecting Manual follow focus with cranes, sliders, shoulder rigs & Steadycam leads to shaky results.

For cine gear lens

But with our Wireless Follow Focus… No worries at all!

Produces Smooth Professional Results when matched with : Crane, Slider, Shoulder rig & steadycam.

All other supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

-  Transmitter
-  Receiver
-  Motor
-  2 x Antennas
-  Removable Marking Ring
-  Battery charger
-  0.8mod for Cine Lens
-  0.6mod for Fujinon Lens
-  0.5mod for Canon Lens
-  1 x 60cm Lens Cable
-  Hardcase

Q: Can I use this follow focus with Cine lenses ? Just wondering if the higher torque motor is needed ?
Ans : No, this follow focus is not compatible with cine lenses.

Q: Can I use it for zoom control ?
Ans : Yes, this wireless follow focus can be for zoom control.

Q: How long time it takes to charge the battery?
Ans: It will take around 45minutes to 1hour to charge the battery completely.

Q: What is the type of battery used in it?
Ans: This Drive wireless follow focus has both rechargeable batteries i.e. 1pc of 9 volt ( 800 mah) and 1pc of 7.5 volt DV battery.

Q: What kind of lenses it can be used with?
Ans: This can be used with all standard lenses with 0.8 gear pitch.

Q: How long is the cable of the controller?
Ans: There is only one cable on receiver side for motor ie. (45 cm) With 3pin lemo male on both sides.

Q: What is the connector in the controller?
Ans: There is only connector on receiver chasis (3 pin lemo female) and on motor wire end(3 pin lemo female)

Q: Is it compatible with samyang lens on canon 5D and Sony A7S?
Ans: Yes, it is compatible with samyang lens on canon 5D and sony A7S camera.

Q: Is it returnable for a full refund if it doesn’t meet my expectations upon delivery?
Ans : Yes, absolutely. We always backup our sales. In case, you don't like the product, we take it back within 14 days and you get a 100% refund.

Q: What is the warranty?
Ans : We provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Items which are covered by the warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Replacement parts of the product will be provided at nominal cost (covering the cost price of the replacement parts only) to the customers after the Warranty Period has expired.


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