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Free Standard Shipping within North America

Proaim Dolly Seat Supports

More Advanced. Higher Precision. Adaptable. Affordable Price.

Give Camera Operators and/or Assistants Flexibility in Positioning Themselves on Dolly.

Add Seat Accessories to Your Arsenal For More Seating Options!

Proaim Dolly Seat comes with a thickly padded cushioned surface which provides an extremely comfortable seating to camera operator and/or assistant for a day-long shooting. The round seat is compatible with Proaim Dolly Turnstile and mounts onto the dolly through Proaim Seat Supports, like Vertical or Combined Seat Arms, which provide flexibility in positioning on Dolly to meet shooting requirements.


The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


- Construction: Foam Padded
- Diameter: 300mm
- Thickness: 45mm
- Pin Mount Diameter: 25mm

- Proaim Dolly Seat