Proaim Bull Telescopic Bazooka 18"-34"

Gas Lift Adjustable Riser | Euro/Elemac Mount


Instant Height Adjustment of Camera Position with Ease & Comfort!

Integrated with Gas Spring Technology. Stable & Solid Design. Payload: 20-45kg.

2 Stage Riser. 360° Clamps for Rigid Lock Off. Quick Lock Lever Saves Time.

Proaim has extended its Bazooka family and launched Bull Telescopic Bazooka with Euro / Elemac Mount, which is an extremely robust gas-pressure adjustable riser. With its gas-lift spring, the bazooka makes it easy for professional videomakers and cinematographers to raise the heights and never miss a moment. The biggest advantage is that it enables comfortable & easy camera position without having to remove the camera, just by using the ratchet knob. When in position, the quick lock lever ensures solid lock-off. The high-grade CNC Aluminum constructed Bazooka, when attached to any camera dolly, provides a myriad of camera mount configurations by means of optional accessories.



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 The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: High-grade Aluminum
- Telescopic Height Range: 47-86cm /18 – 34”
- Load Capacity Range: 20-45kg / 44-99lbs
- Product Weight (without packing): 8.3kg / 18lbs

- Proaim Bull Telescopic Bazooka 18"-34"