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Free Standard Shipping within North America

Proaim Anchor Heavy-duty Studio Camera Tripod Dolly

Payload: 500kg/1100lb; For Heavy Tripod, Jib & Crane.

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Simple & Powerful – Adds High Production Value to Your Projects!

Payload: 500kg/1100lb. Adapts Heavier Cameras, Tripods & Jib Arms
Versatile design can be configured as Studio or Tracking Dolly
Precision Design – gets you Smooth and Steady Shots.

Proaim Anchor Dolly is ideal for moving large camera setups over flat ground or on Tracks, accommodating jibs, cranes, risers, rigs with heavy or light tripods or whatever you can think of. This film dolly can be used to capture highly effective fluid motion shots, having maximum payload of 500kg/1100lb. It is constructed with high-grade Aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable as well. The silent and smooth studio wheels are equipped with brakes. The dolly is compatible with all Industry-standard Tracks having 24.5'' centre distance and 1.25" to 2" diameter tubes. After you have finished filming, this heavy-duty dolly folds down into a compact size for easy transportation to your next location.

Note: The Track wheels and Tracks are separately available for purchase.

Proaim Anchor Dolly


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Proaim Anchor Dolly

Supportive accessories are for demonstration Purpose.

- Folded Length: 23.5"
- Wheel Diameter: 6"
- Load Capacity: 500kg/1100lb
- Wheel Lock: Yes
- Product Weight: 12kg/26.45lb

- Anchor Dolly
- NRS Belt