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Proaim 2-Axis Horizontal Vibration Isolator for Camera Gimbals

SKU : VI-2AXS-01

Proaim 2-Axis Horizontal Vibration Isolator

Professional & Simple Design Smooths Out Horizontal Movements!

Low Profile, Reliable Design

The 2-Axis Horizontal Vibration Isolator is designed with simplicity in mind. With a low profile, the vibration isolator keeps the camera and lens as low as possible.

Made by using High-grade Aluminum Alloys, this smart, reliable and robust design can hold a payload from 10kg/22lb to 100kg/220lb.

The Isolator system gives you the freedom to use numerous different setups depending on the shot's need.

Proaim 2 Axis Vibration Isolator
Proaim 2 Axis Vibration Isolator

Get Smooth Shots From Any Moving Platform

The Isolator system helps control vibrations in the X & Y horizontal axis.

The standard springs provide a substantial reduction in abrupt stops and help smoothen out movement ends.

Adjustable Hydraulic dampers allow for even more smoothness.

User Convenience

Hydraulic dampers with long stroke length installed within the vibration isolator keep the size as compact as possible. 22 levels of dampening allow adjustment for wide shooting conditions and payload range.

Handy Drag & Lock Knobs are installed on the vibration isolator's side to provide easy access even with the bottom axis.

Ergonomic Brake knobs are integrated for locking movements of springs.

Proaim 2 Axis Vibration Isolator
Proaim 2 Axis Vibration Isolator

Fast and Easy Mitchell Operations

The included Mitchell Key is flat, fast and useful. It enables easy and fast rigging of Mitchell mounts or Remote Heads to the vibration isolator.


Top Mounts

Bottom Mounts

Proaim 2-Axis Horizontal Vibration Isolator for Camera Gimbalsator

Simplified Transport

The 2-Axis Vibration Isolator fits in a flight transport case to ensure full protection. This compact case is easy to carry with you to different sets and locations.

Proaim 2 Axis Vibration Isolator



  High-grade CNC Aluminum

Load Capacity

  10kg / 22lb to 100kg / 220lb


  8 springs + 2 adjustable hydraulic dampers

Top Mounting

  Standard Mitchell Mount
  Accepts Optional 100mm bowl and 150mm bowl

Bottom Mounting

  Standard Mitchell Mount

Temperature Range

  -20° to 50° C / -4° to 122° F (with hydraulic shocks)


  34 x 12 cm


  6.860 kg / 15.123 lb

  In the Box

  Proaim 2 Axis Vibration Isolator

  User Manual

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