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Cinema Gear

Professional Filmmaking Gear for High-End Cinema!

Cinema Gear

Professional Filmmaking Gear for High-End Cinema!

Proaim Flyking 2ft 100mm Bowl Slider

The Best in The Game!

Versatile Camera Slider Offering Fluid, Precise Movements & Ideal 360° Rotation for the Perfect Panoramic Shots.

Proaim Airwave 252 Arm

Never Miss Out on The Action!

Robust Shock-Absorbing Arm to Tackle High Speeds & Eliminate Shaky Footage.

Proaim Megagrip Car Mount

Unwavering Stability!

Get Secure Car Rigging for Your Camera Setup with This Reliable & Sturdy Gripper.

Flycam Vista-II Arm & Vest with Redking

Operate at Your Convenience!

Get Maximum Comfort & Stabilization for An Untiring Hand-Held Shooting Experience.

Proaim Bowado 36" Cart

Get Your Gear on The Move!

A Multi-Purpose Camera Cart That Serves All Your Equipment Organizing Needs.

Proaim Fusion Dolly Slider

Smooth Gliding Moves!

Compact, Versatile Camera Slider Dolly for Getting the Smoothest Tracking Shots Ever.

Proaim Soundchief CV4 Cart

Elevate Your Recording Sessions!

With a Collapsible Workstation That You Can Calibrate to Your Needs.

Proaim Spin Dolly

Traditional Doorway Dolly- Reimagined!

Compact Doorway Dolly that Delivers an Enhanced Level of Portability & Functionality Around Set.

Flycam Flowline Master Female with Pro Vest

Shoot with Comfort & Confidence!

Achieve Optimal Support During Extensive Hours of Hand-Held Shoots.

Proaim Alpha Mobile Workstation Stand

Enjoy Creative workflow!

A rugged & versatile workstation that smoothly rolls your monitor & gears around the set all day.

Proaim Cinebird Rickshaw

Want Smooth Dolly Moves without Tracks?

Take Our Cinebird Rickshaw for a Spin.

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