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Free Standard Shipping within North America
Free Standard Shipping within North America

Sil-Glyde® Lubricating Compound A longer-lasting, high film strength protective lubricant for all surfaces, including: rubber, metal, wood, glass, and plastic. Won’t melt, freeze, gum, or run off. Performs from -20 deg F to +400 deg F. Grease consistency stays put and won’t drip off like silicone oils. Harmless to rubber and car finishes. Suggested applications: Trunk seals, rubber bumpers, speedometer cables, brake parts, window channels, hood strips and pads, rubber gaskets, and belts.

- Color : Opaque
- Container Type : Plastic Container
- National Grease Lubricating Institute Specification : No
- Synthetic : No
- Working Temp. Range : -20 to 400

- Sil-Glyde® Silicone Lubricant, Tube, 1.5 oz, Card