Proaim Victor Video Production Camera Cart


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Heavy-duty yet Lightweight. Knocks Down to a Compact Travel Case.

Proaim Cart - Designed To Be Customized!

Proaim has launched Film Production Carts to meet the unique needs of film and photography industries. Proaim Victor Collapsible Camera Cart has been designed to be the film industry’s workhorse and for those who rarely work in the same place. It is ergonomically designed, strong yet lightweight and easy to use. It is significantly a better alternative to other expensive equipment carts available on the market. Ideal for DITs, Digital Techs, Photographers & Professionals on-the-move. Proaim Victor requires no tools to assemble / disassemble.

The great thing about Victor cart is its customization possibility. It can be fitted with many additional accessories. It comes with full width push/pull handle. The Victor cart includes four 9" pneumatic wheels that are removable for easy transportation. Proaim Victor is capable of carrying a significant amount of gear, while still fitting through a standard doorway. Each cart is hand-crafted to perfection, utilizing the best materials that will last a lifetime.

High-Quality Construction

Proaim Victor is made of high-strength CNC aluminum which is robust yet lightweight. Exceedingly Reliable cart provides smooth workflow for high quality productions. The top shelf can withstand up to 90kg / 200lbs and the bottom shelf is safe to hold up to 300kg / 661lbs.

Back Stage Equipment

9” Pneumatic Tyre Set

The Standard Pneumatic Tyres of 9” x 2.5” provide a variable and flexible cushion of compressed air that absorbs shock, while keeping the wheels in close contact with the ground. The high-quality rubber with stainless steel bearings can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and enables them to roll very quietly and effortlessly, even on uneven terrains. The rear 2 wheels are equipped with 360° swivel movement for greater turning flexibility and foot-brake system for safe & static cart positioning; while the front 2 wheels are fixed. The tyres can very conveniently slide in/out of the Sliding Bracket. Once you slide it out, you can store it into the cart for transporting the collapsed "case".

Film Production Equipment

Smart Transportation

The Victor Cart is fully collapsible and is designed to break down in minutes to a heavy-duty case for easy transportation. The top shelf can be placed upside-down onto the bottom shelf, locks down together via clutch locks and transforms into a compact traveling case. You can very conveniently stock-up all the parts of the cart like vertical corner posts, pneumatic tyres, etc., in between both the shelves and elegantly transport it anywhere and everywhere.

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Film Production Equipment

- Load Capacity: 300kg/661lbs
- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Cross-Bar length: 33.5cm
- Cross-Bar Dia: 1.5"/38mm
- Tyre Pressure: 50 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)
- (CT-VCTR-36) Product Weight (without packing): 37.6kg / 82.8lbs
     Product Weight (with packing): 52.9 / 117lbs
- (CT-VCTR-42) Product Weight (without packing): 40.3kg / 88.8lbs
     Product Weight (with packing): 54.5kg / 120lbs
- (CT-VCTR-48) Product Weight (without packing): 53kg / 116.8lbs
     Product Weight (with packing): 60kg / 132lbs

- Proaim Victor Cart Trolley
- 4 x 9" Pneumatic Tyres
- 4 x Rods
- 2 x Accessory Cross Bars