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Have Heavy Camera?

Get Sturdy Support with Easy Balancing &
Effortless Moving from Handheld to Shoulder Mount and Tripod!

Proaim VCT-14 Shoulder Support has been created to fulfil even the most specific demands of operators using heavy cameras. It offers a unique design, created for both videomakers and professional filmmakers, seeking camera stabilizers & supports of high quality. On the top there is a quick-release camera mounting plate and on bottom you'll find a V-mount, helping you to work with broadcast adapter plates.

Standardised construction makes this baseplate universal, so it can be used with various cameras like Sony FS7/FS7II/FS5/FS5M2, Blackmagic Ursa Mini, Canon C100, Canon C200, Panasonic EVA-1 and many others. Proaim Shoulder Baseplate serves as an integrated system and sturdy base for your camera rig.

shoulder rig


VCT-14 Mount
The Shoulder Support features VCT-14 Mount at the bottom, compatible with standard Sony VCT-14 Tripod Adapter Plate and also with Proaim V-Mount Camera Plate. This enables the possibility of fast attaching / detaching the whole set from the tripod. It becomes handy – allowing you to quickly switch between shooting on shoulder and on the tripod.

Long Quick Release Plate
Top movable Video Camera Plate serves as a convenient solution for swift attaching / detaching the camera from VCT Shoulder Support or tripod. It can slide about 88mm back and forth, to regulate camera position & easily balance the rig. It is made from lightweight aluminum with rubber pads on top to prevent unwanted frictions. You can securely mount the camera via ¼”-20 or 3/8”-16 screws, with less risk of vibration or slipping.

Rod Section
The substantial part of VCT Shoulder Support is 15mm Rod Sections located both at the front and back of its structure. The rear rods have their own knobs for regulation, to attach battery or counterweight. On the other hand, the front rod clamp is vertically adjustable by 23mm to fit various types of lenses.

Shoulder Pad
The Shoulder Pad facilitates the work and eliminates the discomfort of camera weight on your shoulder during long hours shooting. It is perfect for all who want to have extraordinary shots without hand-shaking or vibration.

Mounting Points
It has two ARRI Rosettes to attach accessories and grips directly like Rosette Extension Arms, and numerous ¼”-20 threads on the sides provide additional mounting options for LCD Monitor, etc. The index markings on VCT Shoulder Support help camera assistant to find and repeat camera positions.

ARRI Rosette Handle Set
The VCT-14 Shoulder Support, when combined with our ARRI Rosette Handle Set, results in the most robust and comfortable camera support when you are shooting for long hours. The handle set is fully adjustable, rubber-skid proof, universal grip with dual lock that fits 15mm rail rod system. It ensures maintaining very smooth and stable footage. You can adjust the dual-joint handle to any angle with provided locking knobs.

Image Gallery

shoulder rig

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Construction: High-grade CNC Aluminum
- Compatible Cameras:
               Sony FS7/FS7II/FS5/FS5M2
               Blackmagic Ursa Mini
               Canon C100/C200
               Panasonic EVA-1
- Horizontal Adjustment of Camera Plate: 88mm
- Vertical Adjustment of Rod Clamp: 23mm
- Accessory Mounting Threads: ¼”-20
- Camera Mounting Screws: ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16
- Tripod Mounting: VCT-14 tripod adapter plates
- Product Weight (without packing): 2.250kg / 5lb

19mm/15mm ARRI Rosette Handle Set
- Construction: High-grade CNC Aluminum
- Dual Lock: Yes

- Proaim VCT-14 Shoulder Plate
- 2 x Rods ø15mm, Length: 150mm
- 19mm/15mm ARRI Rosette Handle Set