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Free 2-Day Shipping within Canada & USA

Proaim Pole-Star Versatile Cinema Doorway Dolly

2 to 4-Wheel Steering Mechanism

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Versatile Platform Dolly with Unparalleled Features in Its Class!

New 2 to 4-Wheel-Steering. Numerous Mounting Points for Various Accessories

Guarantees Reliable Performance Even After Many Years of Use on the Set

Complete Flexibility & Creativity - Meets Production Needs of Film & Television Industries

Next Generation Doorway Dolly - Smart Solution to Take Anywhere!

Proaim Pole-Star is Enormously Versatile Cinema Doorway Dolly for multi-purpose use. Fully Customizable Pole-Star Dolly with Revolutionary Steering Concept brings maximum flexibility to every professional & provides adaptability in every situation you encounter! The high-grade CNC-machined Aluminum Construction ensures protection, durability and stability. It carries a huge amount of weight up to 500kg / 1100lb and remains absolutely robust in operation. There are numerous attachment points for various accessories, such as turnstiles, seat arms, Euro adapters, bazooka and much more. All the advanced features make Pole-Star Dolly a perfect companion on the professional film set.

Heavy Duty Camera Dolly 


2 to 4-Wheel Steering System

The novel steering concept gives the Pole-Star Dolly a special advantage - By simply lifting or lowering the steering, the operator can switch from 2- to 4-wheel steering system, for greater turning flexibility. When the pin is locked, you will experience 2-wheel system. When the pin is unlocked, you will come across 4-wheel steering system. High-grade aluminum made steering mechanism ensures a lifelong and reliable switching control. At the bottom of dolly, there is a robust stainless steel rod which aids in changeover from 2- to 4-wheel steering.

Doorway Dolly with Heaviest Load Capacity

Flexible Push Bar Mounting

Both the Steering Push Bar and Handle Bar can be mounted at both ends of the dolly. So, the grip never gets in the way of camera and adds more convenience.

Steering Mounting at Both Ends

Various Mounting Positions

You can add many accessories on the dolly as per your shooting requirements. The platform is equipped with numerous mounting points for turnstile, seat arms, offset adapters and other grip accessories, which provide maximum versatility. There are 7 mounting positions (8mm each) for Turnstile and 9 mounting points (25mm each) for Seat Arms or Euro/Elemac Pin Adapters on the platform.

Cinema Doorway Dolly

13” Pneumatic Tyre Set

The Standard Big Pneumatic Tyres provide a variable and flexible cushion of compressed air that absorbs shock, while keeping the wheels in close contact with the ground. The larger diameter of these wheels also means fewer revolutions over the same distance and a resultant smoother ride overall than regular wheels. The high-quality rubber used can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still maintaining its resilience.

• Shock Absorption: Air is a natural shock absorber and an air filled tyre means less vibration and a steadier motion on a wider variety of surfaces.

• Air Pressure Adjustment: You can adjust the tyre pressure to suit the shooting or terrain situation. Use less pressure for a softer more forgiving ride on uneven or rougher surfaces.

Heavy Duty Wheels




Proaim Dolly Seat & Seat Arm Extensions

Proaim Bowl Riser Adapter

Proaim Euro - Bowl Camera Riser

Proaim Offset Bowl Adapter Bracket

Proaim Offset Euro/Elemac Adapter Bracket

Proaim Bazooka with Quick Lock Lever

Proaim Euro/Elemac Adapter with Connecting Pin

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


- Load Capacity: 500kg/1100lbs
- Construction: High Grade Aluminium
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 107x78x7.6cm
- Pneumatic Tyre: Height-13”, Thickness-5” & Silver Steel Rim-6”
- Compatible Track: Stream Track
- Product Weight (without packing): 52.8kg/116lbs

PACKING INFO (Cardboard Box)

- Box 1 Dimension: 148X85X27cm
- Net Weight: 50.5kg / 111lbs
- Vol Weight: 68kg / 150lbs

- Box 2 Dimension: 63X52X31cm
- Net Weight: 25kg / 55lbs
- Vol Weight: 21kg / 46lbs

  • Proaim Pole-Star Lightweight Cinema Doorway Dolly
  • Steering Bars with Foam Handles
  • 4 x Pneumatic Tyres

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