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Proaim Flylite 5ft Camera Jib Arm

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Compact, Portable, Light, Stable
Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor use, Payload - 4kg/8.8lb
High Build Quality offers Smooth Movements for Engaging Shots

The Proaim Flylite 5ft DSLR Camera jib crane is a portable filming solution to increase your production value. The Robust jib crane is a specifically designed travel crane for indoor & outdoor video productions. High-quality aluminum constructed jib arm holds cameras up to 4kg/8.8lb. Light & very stable crane allows you to smoothly move your camera up & down and in 360 degree horizontal areas. Its unique tilting system further enhances your shooting capabilities. Proaim Flylite is designed to fit in tight spaces or be raised up for taller ceilings, getting you amazing overhead shots.

Exclusive of Weight & Stand

Quality Construction
High-Grade Aluminum constructed Jib boom arm is strong enough to offer Durability for years to come. Completely CNC machined adds value to its precisely designed parts and supports a payload up to 4kg/8.8lb.

Camera Mount
Camera plate tilts for different camera positions. Tilt position can be locked by provided knob. You can directly mount the camera or use Fluid Head.

Pan/Tilt Lock
Locking mechanism at Pan and tilt axis lets you concentrate on the shots without worrying about unnecessary movements, making it easy for one man to operate.

Bubble Leveler
The well-built bubble leveler ensures fast accurate set up on uneven surfaces.

Front Handle
Soft foam grip handle with a tool-less tightening system can be positioned almost anywhere on the Jib and makes it easy on hands with slip free control.

Telescopic Counterweight Rod
Counterweight rod allows easy mounting of counterweights. Telescopic feature further helps in easy balancing of Jib.

LCD Mounting Provision
The LCD bracket can be mounted either at the central fork of jib or at its head. It features quick pin mechanism for quick attachment & detachment of LCD mounting arm. Moreover LCD adapter can be adjusted or tilted accordingly for better view of screen.


Auto-Tilt Mode: The angle of camera tilt is pre-selected manually

Static Mode: Camera remains in horizontal position during lifts

- Construction: High-grade CNC Aluminum
- Payload Capacity: up to 4kg/8.8lb
- Pan movement: 360°
- Pan Lock: Yes
- Tilt Lock: Yes
- Camera Plate Tilt Lock: Yes
- Product weight: 4.59kg / 10.11lb
- Compatible Tripod Stand: 75mm and 100mm Tripod Stand
- Flylite 5ft DSLR Camera Jib


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