Proaim Combination Series Aluminum Tripod

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Proaim TG340AT Aluminum Tripod also offers a stable solution for the medium size Heavier cameras. Thanks to the innovative design and the great balance, this tripod is ideal for the photographer Who claims up the of his or her equipment. The scale and torque are interchangeable flat , so the tripod is suitable for video cameras. You can choose between rubber feet or spikes, so you can use the tripod On Any surface. Includes carrying case, tripod profit excluding head.

- Sections : 4
- Maximum diameter: 32.5mm
- Minimum diameter: 22.0mm
- Maximum height : 1540mm
- Minimum height : 155mm
- Folded Height : 565mm
- Weight : 2.50kg
- Pay load capacity : 20kg

- Proaim Combination Series (TG340AT) Aluminum Tripod