Proaim (CK-708) Professional Tripod Ball Head

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The (CK-708) TRIPOD BALL HEAD is precise, meticulously machined, and perfect for professional photographers. The 360-degree panel is integrated in the base which allows photographers to do panoramic or continuous shooting. The quick-release plate platform, adopting general sizes of international standards, is of the Arca-Swiss type, thus suitable for a variety of quick-release plates.Bubble levels on the side knob that serve as a measure of vertical and horizontal balance and to prevent the quick-release plate from sliding off the platform easily.The three knobs of adjustment (from the base and up, respectively) are the panoramic control knob (smallest), friction control and ball-locking knob (the biggest), and the plate-locking knob at the top.

- Pan Adjustment
- Ball Lock
- Sturdy and tight locking of the head
- High Weight Limit
- Quick release plate

- Material:aluminum
- Pole: 33mm
- height:87mm
- weight:0.36kg
- weight capacity:22kg
- at the bottom of the screw:UNC3/8"

- Proaim Tripod Ball Head (CK-708)