Proaim Brio Multi-Function Cinema Doorway Dolly


Clever, Versatile Design – Fits Everywhere!

Smallest Platform Possible. Quickly Mobile. Smart Transportability. Solid Build.

Gives You Total Flexibility and Creativity For Realizing Your Ideas.

Meets the Production Needs of Film, Broadcast and Video Industries.

Proaim Brio Multi-Configuration Cinema Doorway Dolly!

Proaim Brio is a compact Doorway Dolly that passes through any door with ease. It fits perfectly in tight spaces, such as the aisles of trains or airplanes. It is an ideal dolly for smaller film, television as well as broadcast productions. It is fairly light and easy to transport. At the same time, it has a stable platform allowing up to 300kg/660lb payload. The cameraman and assistant can stand, sit or even kneel down on the dolly’s solid platform. The 2-plate platform system is stored in a flight transport case.

The commercial-grade Aluminum constructed dolly is a safe base for multiple video production gear; Proaim Brio well-matches with Euro/Elemac Base Mount, 100/150mm Bowl Mounts, Turnstile Mount, Bazooka, Seat, Seat Arm Extensions, Tripod, Jib/Crane, etc. The front Pneumatic tyres telescope outward for a wider stance and stability, while the rear ones are fixed. Reliable, Quiet, Smooth and Safe Dolly Requires Minimal Maintenance. Customizable Platform Dolly – Smart Solution to Take Anywhere!

Bazooka dolly system


2 Plate Platforms

The two aluminum-made lightweight Plate platforms provide stable base to the dolly for many configurations. You can conveniently combine or separate both the plates, through a knob at the bottom, by sliding-in the sections. The Dolly Platform is equipped with standard threads of M6, M8, 3/8”-16; for rigging the system. You can add many accessories as per your shooting requirements. The dolly is easily configured to your needs with accessories that provide maximum versatility.

dolly track system

Rear-Wheel Steering

The Rear-Wheel Steering and Drawbar is ideal for both - single plate as well as for double configuration. The Push/Pull Steering Bar turns the rear wheels while the front wheels remain fixed. It provides full range of movement for greater turning flexibility, and will turn in a tight 6 foot (2 meter) circle. Telescopic bar tilts down 90°, locks with a ratchet knob & stays where you leave for more convenience. It is suitable while using dolly on ground as well as on track. In Tracking mode - you can directly mount the steering bar onto the plates.

12ft track with camera dolly

8” Pneumatic Tyre Set

The Standard Small Pneumatic Tyres of 8” x 2” provide a variable and flexible cushion of compressed air that absorbs shock, while keeping the wheels in close contact with the ground. The larger diameter of these wheels also means fewer revolutions over the same distance and a resultant smoother ride overall than regular wheels. The high-quality rubber used can withstand a lot of wear and tear while still maintaining its resilience. Pneumatic Tyres work on even as well as rough surfaces, turn quietly, have good ground clearance of 9.5” and protect floors.

- Shock Absorption: Air is a natural shock absorber and an air filled tyre means less vibration and a steadier motion on a wider variety of surfaces.
- Air Pressure Adjustment: You can adjust the tyre pressure to suit the shooting or terrain situation. Use less pressure for a softer more forgiving ride on uneven or rougher surfaces.

dolly track with telescopic lever Bazooka



Innovative Modular Design

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.







- Load Capacity with Pneumatic Tyres (Single & Double Plate): 300kg / 660lb
- Height from ground: 9.5''
- Threads on Platform: M6, M8, 3/8”-16
- Wheel Size: Diameter-8”, Width-2”, Silver Steel Rim-4.4”
- Steering Bar Minimum length: 25''/63.5cm
- Steering Bar Maximum Length: 45''/114cm
- Minimum Turning Diameter: 6 foot (Inner), 8 foot (Outer)
- Load Capacity with Track wheels (Single & Double Plate): 300kg / 660lb
- Compatible Track Distance: 14.5” & 24.5''
- Compatible Track Rail Diameter: 30mm-40mm
- Compatible Track: Stream Track
- Product Weight (without packing): 23.5kg/52lb
- Flight Case Dimensions: LxWxH - 89x82x40 cm

  • Proaim Brio Multi-Function Cinema Doorway Dolly
  • Push Bar with Foam handle
  • 4 x Pneumatic Tyre Set