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Proaim AirGrip Auto-Vacuum Electrical Car Suction Camera Mount

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Our First Electrical Car Camera Mount!
Guarantees Long Lasting Support with Payload up to 100kg / 220lb

Integrated with active vacuum rigging system with permanent automatic
pressure and power control - readjusts Loss of pressure immediately

Mounts within seconds - Easy one man handling, User optimized design.

Want to mount a heavier cinema camera on a car, truck, boat or any non-porous surface? Proaim AirGrip, a versatile camera rigging system, promises to deliver a wide variety of smooth, professional looking shots. The Mounting plate accepts the camera directly or mounted with wedge/tilt plate or in conjunction with some of the most popular 3-axis gimbal stabilizers such as the DJI Ronin and Movi models, when attached to a vehicle. The three suction cups can carry a maximum payload of up to 100kg / 220lb; and the vehicle driving at the maximum speed of 200km/h.

What makes the AirGrip markedly unique is its Automatic pump system which maintains vacuum automatically with integrated battery system. The AirGrip assembles within seconds and is compatible with industry standard accessories. It is designed in such a way that it can be rigged on narrow or small surfaces and perfectly adapts to different conditions on set.

Car Suction Mount


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The High-quality Suction Cups offer excellent gripping with Vacuum Pump System which automatically maintains the vacuum and guarantees long lasting support. The extreme flexibility of gripping lip, with characteristic of bellows - allows them to adapt to flat, concave and convex surfaces. It provides you with a fully secured & stable grip letting you capture shots even under tough conditions while keeping your camera set up completely safe.

Heavy Duty Camera Car Suction Mount

The camera mounting plate is adjustable and tilts from 0° to 90°. The basic length of suction cup rods can be expanded by provided 4"/101.6mm extension rods. This allows even more flexible rigging and aligning of the mounting plate.

Car Suction Mount with Vaccum Pump System


The unique about AirGrip is the electrical pump system which automatically maintains the vacuum due to the integrated battery system. The pump system can support continuously up to 10 days. The pump system connects to a socket and also directly to a car for charging, both necessary cables are included in the kit.

 Car Suction Mount
Auto Vaccum Pump System


The pump system connects to a socket and also directly to a car for charging, both necessary cables are included in the kit.

Auto Vaccum Pump System


Car Suction Mount

Direct Mounting

Camera Car Suction Mount

With Wedge/Tilt Plate

Car Suction Mount

With Ronin Gimbal


High-Grade Aluminum Made Wedge Levelling Plate is compact yet lightweight and easily carries payload up to 30kg/66lb. You can easily tilt platform from 0°-90° by utilizing the Ratchet locking levers to secure platform into position. For every shooting angle, including vertical moves - the locking levers add stability to prevent slipping.

Car Suction Mount


The quick release plate adapter for DJI Ronin, Ronin M & Ronin MX allows you to mount your DJI Ronin conveniently and quickly. It is also compatible with standard grip-related cheese plates.

Heavy Duty Camera Car Suction Mount


To protect your equipment, we recommend using tough-gripped safety belt with hook. In order to avoid scratches or other damages to car, the hooks are rubberized.

Car Suction Mount

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Load Capacity: 100kg / 220lb
- Maximum Speed: 120-150 km/h
- Suction Cups Adjustment: up to 60°
- Camera Plate Adjustment: up to 15°
- Length of Extension Rods: 4”/10cm
- Ronin Plate Compatibility: For Ronin/M/MX

Weight Dimensions
- Weight of Gripper: 16.24kg / 35.8lb
- Weight of Battery Box: 15.53kg / 34.2lb
- Weight of Wedge Tilt Plate: 1.81kg / 4lb
- Product Weight (with packing): 33.6kg / 74lb

Proaim Dynamic Wedge Tilt Plate
- Tilt Angle: 0° to 90°
- Load Capacity: 30kg / 66lb
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 24x10x4cm


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