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Proaim 4ft Wide base Autopan 2-Axis Camera Slider

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SKU : SL-161-01

2-Axis Adjustable Auto Panning Slider!

The Proaim Widebase Autopan Slider allows panning of a camera during the slider motion adding an entirely new dimension to your video. It allows the user to get parallax and panoramic shots, which means the slider will automatically pan while moving from side to side. The parallax effect works especially well when filming a person in the center of the frame, and the panoramic effect is the ability to create a wide panning motion. This dedicated system provides smooth, precise and amazing results.

DSLR Camera Slider

Simple Design with Amazing Results!

One-piece Aluminum constructed slider for maximum strength and lightness at it’s perfect. The bigger carriage plate helps to mount ball heads & video fluid heads easily and locking system to lock the camera at one position. The main part is the camera mount as well as the guide bar that goes through the mount. To get the required parallax or panoramic shots, the position is adjusted by guide bar which is connected with fine tuning knobs on each end with scale markings to adjust the position precisely. Ball Bearing technology provides extraordinary smoothness to your shots. The versatile slider can be used on a table or ground via skid-proof adjustable feet and can be mounted to a tripod or stand as well.

Best DSLR Camera Slider

Proaim Autopan Slider provides really great way to add a lot of cinematic production value to whatever you're shooting; whether it’s a traditional slider mode, parallax mode or panoramic mode - they're really great to add a lot of depth and dimension to your shots.


DSLR Camera Slider at Low Price


DSLR Video Camera Slider


DSLR Camera Slider


Autopan DSLR Camera Slider

Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


Proaim 4ft Widebase Autopan Camera Slider





 Tripod mounting

1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16

 Camera mounting

1/4"-20 Screw & BS-100

 Load Capacity

10kg / 22lb

 Camera Travelling Distance


 Height From Ground

Min. 95mm & Max. 105mm

 Ball Bearings

Oil filled

 Product Weight (without packing)

4.05kg / 8.92lb

- Proaim Widebase Autopan Camera Slider
- BS-100
- Bag Packing

  • What mounting options are provided underneath the slider for Tripods and other stands?

    In Wide base Autopan 2-Axis Camera Slider, 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threads holes are available for the tripod.