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Straight and Parabolic Moves in One Slider with Duo Track!

In cinema, Motion is everything as it reflects the emotions of the scene in a video. A camera slider is an absolute must when it comes to achieving smooth and stable moves. It becomes even more useful if you get two different moves with the same slider. The two in one, Proaim Curve-N-Line Camera Video Slider is a perfect handy tool that lets you take both, the traditional camera slider moves along with dynamic Dolly moves simply by flipping the slider quickly. It enables you to get different slider moves while keeping the subject stable in the frame.

 Line and curve camera slider


A True Slider that delivers Reliable and Consistent Motion on every shot.



Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

Traditional Camera Slider Moves  +  Dynamic Dolly Moves

Straight curve slider

Factors that make this tool perform flawlessly

Lightweight yet long lasting

CNC machined, this complete slider is built and shaped from a single piece of aluminum that keeps the slider lightweight yet durable.
Curve-N-Line Camera Video Slider is compatible with wide range of professional cameras. It is a complete tool-less equipment.

Camera curved Slider

A stable base for cameras

Robust camera platform with quick release mechanism provides a stable base to the camera. It easily gets connected to straight and curved modes of slider quickly without removing the end feet.

camera straight and curved slider

Easily adjustable legs

The feet have 360 ° rotation with fine adjustability that ensures quick flipping of slider. The legs can be easily removed when not needed, making it a travel-friendly tool.

slider for camera

Mounting with any tripod

The slider has 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting threads that enable it to get connected to any tripod.

tripod curved & Straight Slider


Circular Camera Slider

Professional Camera Slider

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Weighing Capacity on Ground : 30Kg/66lb
- Length : 2ft
- Product Weight : 1.960kg/4.31lb
- Outer radius of curve slider : 17.67 inches
- Inner radius of curve slider : 16.05 inches
- Travel angle : 58 degree
- Folded Height : 1.5 inches
- Construction : High-Grade Aluminum Construction
- Tripod Mounting Threads : 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Tripod Mounting Threads
- Camera Mounting Screws : 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
- Quickly Attaches Screw : Not Included

Proaim 2ft Curve-N-Line Camera Video Slider
-  Storage Case