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Proaim 24ft Fraser (PF-4TR) Jib Crane Package

With PT-1000 Pan tilt head, Gravity Stand and Anchor Dolly

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SKU : JB-FR4T-00

A Perfect Combination of Price, Performance & Features

PROAIM presents a fully professional 24ft Fraser film production package, a perfect filming solution to increase your production value. Fraser, a DV & Eng jib system has numerous features to support & offer great performance. It is compatible with many types of DV, HDV & broadcasting cameras.

The triangular jib crane with high-intensity aluminium alloy structure fits smoothly & securely with one another providing super rigidity and strength. Precisely designed 2-axis pan-tilt head adds creativity to your shots. Accompanied with various other benefits, it completes the package which is designed to enhance the cinematic quality.

video shooting crane

Exclusive of Weights

NOTE: The colour of the Dolly Wheels may vary according to availability.

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

Features that Makes the Fraser a Distinctive Crane


The Crane Sections are constructed from Aircraft Aluminum that provides the structure 4x strength yet keeping the crane lightweight. Sections get connected with double lock system that eliminates any slack or shakes even at 24ft.

traveller 7m jib


The Fork used in the Fraser provides a wide degree of panning and tilting and has a solid build which enables a nice smooth shot. The disc lock enables the operator to move the crane on one axis when required or take completely static shots without worrying about unnecessary movements.

Pan tilt head jib crane


The rod automatically tilts as the crane arm moves which helps the camera operator to view the monitor though the crane is lifted in any direction.

jib crane


Fraser 4TR can be used in shorter lengths that meet your various shooting requirements.

camera jib crane for mounting

Experience the variety of shots with different angles.

pan and tilt movements


The jib-stand locks easily, safely & tightly into the dolly. Constructed from solid aluminum, the dolly & the jib-stand provide a stable foundation for stable shots. The dolly gives you the flexibility to move the crane as & when required. Being telescopic, the stand’s height can be adjusted according to shooting requirements. Furthermore, the stand can directly be used on ground without dolly.

triangular crane with dolly


The technologically advanced 2-axis pan-tilt head has two Maxon Motors which provide the pay load capacity of 9kg (19.8lb) with smooth & inaudible movements. The head offers balance adjustments on both pan & tilt axis.

24ft camera jib


Based on the principle of reducing setup time, the pan-tilt slide head mounting made quite easier & absolutely tool-less. In seconds, the head gets attached with the crane by sliding into the mounting of the crane smoothly & accurately. Just tighten the knobs & the head is safely mounted.

7m traveller crane


This box manages the drag & speed of pan & tilt movements. There is a separate on/off switch for each axis.

heavy duty camera crane

heavy duty camera crane

Adjusts the speed of pan & tilt based on the requirement of shot.

Damping prevents the head from stopping with a jerk enabling you to achieve smooth endings.

Reverse (Rev)

You can reverse the panning & tilting direction as & when required

Iris Controller

Remotely control the Iris, Zoom, Focus and Recording on/off. The specially designed supporting rod enables the installation of focus and iris servo motor much easier. it can easily fit with majority of Canon and Fujinon lens due to its adjustable servo motor frame.

camera crane jib

The control box is placed very close to the operator , so it is convenient for operator to adjust the parameter when needed.


camera crane jib crane

The supportive accessories are for Demonstration purpose.

PT-1000 Pan tilt head

- Maximum Payload: 9kgs/19.84 lbs
- Maximum Speed: Pan & Tilt: 360° in 4 sec
- Minimum Pan Speed: Pan& Tilt: 360° in 38 sec
Note: All speed checked after camera balance
- Tilt Range: ±360°
- Pan Range: Unlimited
- Compatible ENG Lenses:Canon and Fujinon lens supported
- Compatible Cameras:
Sony & Canon LANC-enabled DV& HDV camera Panasonic DVX100,HVX200
series,HVX170 series, HMC40, 70 and 150 series Camera with ENG configuration
- Slip Ring: Built-in
- Power Input: AC198V-264V (AC 100V~264V as option), 50-60HZ
- Power Supply for Camera: Supported, two output on the head, DC12V for ENG camera, DC7.8V for DV camera
- Head Power output: DC 12V for ENG camera, DC 7.8V for DV camera, control box power output
- Control box power output: DC 12V
- Control distance: 30m/98.4 ft (Power of head is from control box), 1km/0.62 mile (Separate head power)
- Head Weight: 5kgs /11.02 lbs


- Weighing Capacity of Jib: 15kg / 33.06lb
- Jib Arm Reach: 7m/19ft 6 inch
- Jib Arm: 6 Sections
- Jib Arm Material: High Grade Aluminum HE30
- Jib Arm wall Thickness: 3.5mm
- Finish: Black Powder Coated
- Pan & Tilt Range: Pan: Unlimited
- Crane Pan Lock: Yes
- Crane Tilt Lock: Yes
- Tilt: ±60°


- Weight Capacity: On Minimum Height 250kg/550lb
- Weight Capacity: On maximum height 180kg/396lb
- Maximum Height: 1200mm
- Minimum Height: 820mm
- Pipe dia: 42mm
- Micro Adjustment: Yes
- Folded Dimensions: 940mm
- Product Weight: 11.320kg/25lb


- Folded Length: 762mm
- Wheel Diameter: 152.4mm
- Load Capacity: 500kg/1100lb
- Wheel Lock: Yes
- Product Weight: 11.73kg/25.8lb


- (Box:1) Pantilt Head: Vol Weight 27Kg/60lb & Net Weight: 26.9kg/59lb.
- (Box:2) Stand Dolly and Accessories: Vol Weight 74kg/163lb & Net Weight 60.8kg/134lb.
- (Box:3) Jib Sections: Vol Weight 88kg/194lb & Net Weight 65.4kg/144lb

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