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Proaim™ 14ft. Jib Arm with Jib Stand

Supporting Cameras weighing upto 8 kg / 17.6 lbs

SKU : P-14-JS

User-Friendly & Affordable Jib
High Build Quality with Payload up to 8kg/17.6lb
Versatile Jib Crane for Indoor/Outdoor Use
Professional. Simple. Powerful.

Exclusive of Weights

Proaim 14ft Camera Jib Arm is an industry standard htweight camera crane system to achieve ideal shots with only a small crew, anytime anywhere. It is designed to accommodate every shooting scenario including small indoor & outdoor spaces for detailed & dynamic shots. High-grade Aluminum made, the Proaim Crane is robust and functional with payload up to 8kg/17.6lb. This heavy-duty crane adapts Pan Tilt, 3-Axis Gimbals or Flat base fluid heads. The 14ft Crane is equipped with fully ribbed sections that offer strength for higher angles & adjustable metal wire system for Superior Stability. Expertly crafted jib arm includes ergonomic camera platform, two arm design, SS locking pin, LCD monitor mounting arm & weight closers making it the perfect tool for any crane application. It comes in high impact protective packing for carrying, transporting and storing your valuable equipment. Proaim 14ft is a perfect travel companion for videomakers as they trek through extreme environments to capture the perfect shots. Show your talent of creative vision to the world with this small investment that you will not find anywhere else.

Mount direct camera, pan tilt or gimbals in minutes

Dual arm sections for enhanced strength & stability

Quick LCD monitor attachment with 1/4"-20 hole

Pin connected: Auto tilt mode
Pin not connected: Manual tilt
mode with control handle

Thrust roller bearings absorb shock loads for smooth jerk free jib movements

Hi-tensile weight closers keep the weight discs intact for perfect balance

Proaim Jib Stand

• Powerful Combination gives Solid Foundation to the Crane Setup
• CNC Aluminum made jib stand carry loads up to 90kg/200lb
• High strength stand acts as a supporter for all time stable shots.

 Weighing Capacity maximum  8kg (17.6 lbs)
 Material Used  CNC made Aluminum Powder Coated
 Jib Arm Shape  Rectangle
 Jib Arm Break downs into  4 Parts
 Length of Jib sections  3. 5ft each
 Camera Mount Bolt  ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16
 Variable shooting lengths  12ft , 9ft
 Jib Section Jointers  Silver Aluminium
 Bearing at Center Fork  Pan Thrust bearing with washer made of stainless steel
 Camera Tilt Angles  Upto 270 degree
 Locking Pin  Stainless steel locking pin for stable or tilt camera angles
 Pan Lock (For Jib)  No
 Tilt Lock (For Jib)  No
 Height Range from ground level  15 ft. when stand height adjusted at 5ft
 Length from tripod to Camera Mount  10.3ft
 Camera Mount plate  Rectangle( 10.5cm X 9cm )
 Camera Platform Levelling  By stress cable: Stress Cable made of metal with adjusting turn buckle hook
 Weight Holder Rod  Made of MS Nickel chrome,
 Length : 355mm
 Dia : 25mm
 Weight Closures  2pc. Made of MS Nickel chrome
 Horizontal Movement  Yes
 Vertical Movement  Yes
 Horizontal/Vertical Movement Lock  No
  LCD Mount Provision  Yes
  Weight  16 kg

  Add Counter Weights in the rear section of Jib according to  Camera and Pan Tilt Head weight as per this chart :  The jib has a varying weight ratio depending on the length you have chosen.

 The 14 jib arm itself balances at about11kg. Just multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of the arm, by 2 and you will know how much weight to buy.

 Buy a few extras in case you add other accessories.


-  Made of Powder coted mild steel
-  Base spread - 32"- 48"
-  Height adjustment - 44"- 80"
-  Completely collapsed height - 46"
-  Outer Dia of top part of Stand - 50mm
-  Safety Pin for Secure Pole
-  Weight capacity of the stand is 200lbs (90kg)

  • Proaim 14ft Jib Arm (P-14)
  • Centre Post
  • Weight Shank with Closers
  • Weight Closers
  • Jib Stand (P-JS)
  • LCD Mounting Arm
  • Storage Bag

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