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3 axis gimbal
Exclusive of Camera ,LCD

FLYCAM launches its new Buddy - 3 Axis Gimbal Camera Stabilizer that auto adjusts for smaller cameras / mid-sized DSLRs, mirror less cameras, and camcorders with a payload of 1kg / 2.2lb. It’s expertly designed to transform your shaky handheld shots into silky smooth professional looking footage. The unique automatic camera balancing feature saves your production time. A thumb controller joystick is installed next to the right handle that allows Pan and Tilt control of the camera. Modes can be easily switched using a black button on the side of the circuit.

brushless motor


 - Full 3 Axis Stabilization with latest 32 bit controllers
 - Lightweight and compact solution for stabilized footages .
 - Rugged Frame with a built-in quick release plate.
 - Automatically balances the camera that saves production time .
 - Supports Cameras up to 1kg/2.2 lb Pounds.
 - Precision of Control: ±0.02°.
 - Tool-Less Balance Adjustment System
 - Designed for Handheld Use.
 - Follow Operator Pan and Tilt movement,
 - Follow Operator Pan Movement (does not follow Tilt)
 - Disable Follow for both Pan and Tilt.

2 different modes of operation allow Flycam Buddy to be used in different scenarios. SmoothTrack functionality remains in all three modes.

Handheld gimbal BRIEFCASE MODE

Works perfectly  when  moving through  doorways   or  narrow paths, Briefcase mode is ideal.
It allows the gimbal to be held
to the side  and  close  to  the
legs,  much   like  a  briefcase.


   The default  gimbal  operation 
   is  the   Underslung mode.  The    camera  can  be   comfortably     held  low  to  the ground,    at
   chest level or anywhere in    between.

gimbal stabilizer


 - Weighing capacity : 1kg/2.2 lb
 - Product weight : 4.5kg / 9.9lb
 - Construction: Aluminum
 - Working Hours: 1hr

brushless motor gimbal
Captures extreme low angle shots

3-axis gimbal head

Flawless stabilization in your hands

handheld brushless motor gimbal JOYSTICK CONTROLLER

Controller  joystick  that  allows Pan
and Tilt control of the camera or to switch through the different Profiles.

3 axis head      CAMERA PLATFORM

         Hi strength  quick  release
         camera platform for easy
         switching of camera.

gimbal head

gimbal head

3axis motor

All other supportive accessories are for Demonstration purpose.

-  Weighing capacity : 1kg/2.2 lb
-  Product weight : 4.5kg / 9.9lb
-  Construction: Aluminum
-  Working Hours: 1hr


-  Flycam Buddy Mini Handheld 3 axis Camera Gimbal.
-  Gimbal Balance Stands.
-  (4) 18650 Lithium ion Rechargeable Batteries.
-   Battery Charger
-  Carrying case