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Free Fast Shipping to USA and Canada   

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Camtree 1pc SUN 6 LED Fresnel Lights

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SKU : C-SUN6-1

Camtree Fresnel LED lights deliver picture-perfect results in a lightweight package with stellar image quality. Delivering 100% flicker free illumination, the studio light unit can be dimmed from 100% to 10% without any visible color shift. CAMTREE SUN 6 Fresnel Video Light also provides continuous variable Flood and Fresnel Spotlight with beam control from 15% to a 85% spread. Consuming 95% less energy, CAMTREE SUN 6 enjoys 50,000 hours of LED life.

The efficient AC adapter protects the LED lights from over charge, high voltage, and short circuit. The LED Fresnel lens given is mounted with an accessory ring that will hold gels, barn doors, etc. A knob at the back lets you adjust the width and focus of the beam. Gel filters provided are for creating different diffused lights to give a new angle to your photography.


- Aluminum yoke for easy mounting and positioning.
- Extendable section light stand up to 7ft.
- A true Fresnel lighting fixture that produces soft, directional illumination.
- High-quality Fresnel lens produces soft- edged beam is useful for making motion pictures.
- Video Light with Robust lightweight aluminum housing design for efficient ventilating and heat dispersing features.
- Dimming Control - 100% to 10% dimming with no noticeable color shift or flicker.
- Energy Saving - Energy saving and extended LED life. Uses Up to 95% Less Energy than HMI.
- AC power supply via 4-pin XLR connector.
- Mainly used for backlights, hair lights, background lights, accent lights because of their focus ability.
- Set up in minutes & adds glamour in your shots

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AC/DC power, DC power via 4-pin XLR Versatility in and out of the studio


Gel filters provided are for creating different diffused lights to improve your photography. These filters gives your subject a vibrant, saturated and Technicolor look that improves aesthetic effects.

Clear frosted filter for softening glare and amber for shooting indoor

DISTANCE 1' 2' 3' 4' 5'
Spot 15° 72000 28000


8600 5670
Flood 85° 38500 8000 5400 2000 1350
  Spot 15° 62000 16500 13000 7200 4800
Flood 85° 33000 6700 4900 1850 1220
Spot 15° 47500 24000 8100 4500 3000
Flood 85° 33200 7200 4700 1900 1260


  Without Gel Filter  5200°K
  With White Gel Filter  5600°K
  With Yellow Gel Filter   3200°K


-  Over charge protection.
-  Over voltage protection.
-  Short circuit protection.
-  Over temperature protection.
-  Wide input voltage range, could stable work under 100V to 240V.
-  More power exchange savings and less power wasting, it works more    efficient.
-  PCB & Cover are manufactured with fireproofing materials.
-  Low ripple and noise.
-  Light weight.


Our LED Fresnel Lights comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles.

Enjoy Life Time Product Safety and Functionality

Provides that extra illumination to make your videos shine through

Precise fitting tolerances

-   Color Temperature - Daylight balance.
-  Beam Angle - 85º to 15º.
-  LED Fresnel Lens - 6”/15.24cms.
-   Size - 11 x 10.5 x 18”/28 x 27 x 46cms.
-  Weight - 3.640kgs.
-   Maximum Power Draw - 100W.
-  Power Requirements - 24VDC/ 100-240VAC.
-   Power Supply - AC/DC 120-240VAC, DC power via 4-pin XLR.

-   1x CAMTREE SUN 6 LED Fresnel Light
-   1x Barn door
-   1x 24v AC Adapter
-   1x Gel Filter Set
-   4x Adapters


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