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Free Standard Shipping within North America

Proaim Freedom Multipurpose Film Camera Doorway Dolly

Universal Modular System – Gets the Shot You Desire!

Stable Support for various products – Customizable to your production needs.
Smooth, Compact, Lightweight Design, Easy to Use & Right Price!

Bazooka dolly system

Note: Product Revised on 09-June-2020

Ready for Every Action
Freedom Doorway Dolly gives you the freedom you need. Compact & Versatile dolly is CNC-machined Aluminum Construction for protection, durability and stability. The Dolly well-matches with Euro/Elemac Base Mount, Turnstile Mount and so on. Meets the Production Needs of Motion Picture, Television and Video Industries.

Key Features

Base Plate
Features many holes & threads for mounting various accessories.

10” Pneumatic Tyre Set
Absorbs shocks resulting in smoother rides on different surfaces.

Telescopic Push Bar
Tilts down 340° & stays where you leave for more convenience.

Rear-Wheel Steering
The front wheels remain fixed, while the wheels close to steering are used to turn.


- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Load Capacity: 300kg/660lb
- Pneumatic Tyre: 10"
- Arms Size: 8"
- Height from ground: 11"
- Product weight (without Packing): 24kg/53lb
- Flight Case Dimensions: LxWxH - 140x62x42(cm) / 73 kg

Proaim Round Dolly Seat (DS-289-00)

- Construction: Foam Padded
- Diameter: 300mm
- Thickness: 45mm
- Pin Mount Diameter: 25mm

Seat arm Vertical 30cm/12” (SA-287-02)
- Construction: Aluminum
- Size: 30cm/12"
- Pin Mount Diameter: 25mm

Proaim Telescopic 32"- 46” Bazooka with Quick Lock Lever (BZ-286-00)

- Construction: High Grade Aluminum
- Telescopic Range: 69cm-107cm / 27"- 42”
- Weighing Capacity: 200kg / 441lb
- Product Weight (Bazooka & Euro Adapter): 6.15kg / 13.5lb

Proaim Euro/Elemac - Bowl Camera Riser (100mm) (BA-267-00)

- Construction: Aluminum
- Bowl size: 100mm
- Product Weight: 1.33kg / 2.93lb

 DL-FRDM-00   DL-FRDM-01
 Base Plate  Base Plate
 8 x Arms  8 x Arms
 4 x Plates  4 x Plates
 Push Pull Bar with Foam Handle  Push Pull Bar with Foam Handle
 4 x Pneumatic Tyres  4 x Pneumatic Tyres
 Flight Transport Case  1 x Flight Transport Case, 3 x Carton Box
 -  1 x Round Dolly Seat (DS-289-00)
 -  1 x Seat Arm Vertical 30cm/12” (SA-287-02) with 25mm Adapter pin
 -  1 x Telescopic Bazooka with Quick Lock Lever (BZ-286-00)
 -  Proaim Euro/Elemac - Bowl Camera Riser (100mm) (BA-267-00)